Slam That #Ethnography – Doctor's Slam

Originally posted on Allegra Lab on October 18 2016

Photo by Bea Mahan

Photo by Bea Mahan

By David Bukusi

No one’s gonna talk to me
Coz I’m The Daktari,
Get an appointment
Yeah, get in line!

Yet here I am in Amsterdam
Where the Sun don’t shine,
Men are in Trouble
Men are on the line!

There is a Prozac bubble
Some call it mental Health
But when you want to kill yourself
It may be lack of wealth

20 years of HIV
And nothing new coming through
I’m kinda tired of WHO
Telling me what to do

I’ll be replacing objectivity with reflexivity
I’m sorting out my psychiatry with anthropology

I don’t want to continue talking about myself
No no no, let’s focus on mental health
I want to get into the field
To make sure I get the yield

I want this info
To help figure out why
Men do as they do
And why sometimes they die

How do I do this?
Through Ethnography
With all its ways, means and methods
It’s great for stories, tales and records

How will I report it,
I ask myself softly?
I do have some clues,
I’ll work them out nightly

But others here are telling me
To take some liquor
Coz this will help the lines
Flow faster and quicker

Now I really need this info
Do you get my drift,
Coz I’m the Daktari
And I’m on my shift!!!