Putting Sex on the Table: Sex, sexuality and masculinity among HIV-positive men in Nairobi, Kenya

Emmy Kageha Igonya and Eileen Moyer

Culture, Health and Sexuality 15 (sup 4)


Psychosocial support groups offer an important space for people living with HIV to pursue greater wellbeing as they learn how to accept and live with their HIV status. They are critical for the cultivation of responsible and adherent patients. Occasionally, support groups provide spaces where members are encouraged to discuss sexual struggles related to being HIV-positive, including sexual performance issues, sexual relationships, fertility desires and communicating with sexual partners. This paper examines an HIV-positive men's sex therapy support group at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, where HIV-positive men access information about HIV and treatment, while getting tips on restoring sexual functioning and improving sexual gratification from medical experts, peer counsellors and fellow group members. In the group setting, members worked to rediscover and reconstruct masculinity under the guidance of a range of experts, while focusing on regaining or improving sexual prowess.